LinkedIn Emojis: what are the best way to use them?

Emojis have become more popular among social media users in recent years. They are used in regular communication across all social media platforms. Most people now use more image-based expressions such as emoticons, emojis, and stickers. We will discuss some types of LinkedIn emojis and their benefits.

Types and meaning of some LinkedIn emojis

There are thousands of emojis available on the website, click here to visit. Here are some good examples and their meanings:

Smiling face with squinting eyes

This type of emojis shows true happiness and excellent feelings. When sending a text which contains a request or mundane information, using this emoji will pass your message smoothly.

Tears of Joy face

This is a common emoji that is used when a discussion is funny and pleasing to you. Avoid using this emoji when discussing something serious and you can come out as an unserious fellow. The “tears of joy face” emoji is common among friends and people of the same age group.

Joyful face with heart-shaped eyes

This represents love, adoration, and some show of affection. An emoji of this type can be used when you are satisfied with the work of your colleague or a response. However, subordinates shouldn’t use them when talking with their boss as they might come off wrongly. Also, be wary when using this emoji with a female colleague, as it could be misunderstood.

Relieved face

Another trendy emoji on LinkedIn shows various emotions such as peace, relief, and contentment. This can be used when you get good news about a sad event. A good time to use them is when a sick colleague gets better, when a suspension is lifted, or when a client finally accepts your proposal.

Sneeze face

Social media users use this emoji to show they have a cold or some form of allergy. Sick employees usually add these LinkedIn emojis when telling their bosses about their health conditions.

The best way to use an emoji

Be mindful of how you use emojis to avoid giving the wrong impression. Here are some top ways to use them:

Match them with your business

You can include emojis in your business plan to show the funny side of your brand. While professionalism is crucial, you don’t want to come off as a brand that’s too rigid.

Regularly use them in your post

When connecting with people on social media sites like LinkedIn, emojis are a great move. When you sometimes insert these emojis in conversations, you bond better with your readers. Also, starting a conversation with an emoji can be fun and show you are someone they could connect with easily.

Context is important

While it’s a good idea to always use emojis, ensure you are using them in relevant areas. When discussing important or sensitive topics, avoid using emojis.

Use them in the right positions

If you aren’t sure about where to use them, here is a tip. Always treat emojis on LinkedIn like punctuations. It’s best to put them after a message has been passed.

There are many emojis you can use on LinkedIn, however, always use them appropriately. Don’t use too many, though, as emojis aim to enhance your words, not replace them.