About Us
Great Business Comes Naturally !
Founded in 1917, today's Laurel Chamber of Commerce has more than 100 members and growing. Our membership consists of businesses large and small, storefront and home based, some of which are nationally recognized and award winning. We are Co-Recipients of a Governors Tourism award for participation in the creation of the Southern Delaware Heritage Trail, supported the creation of the Captain John Smith Chesapeake National Historic Trail, a Western Sussex Scenic Byway. We're looking out for each other and the good of the community. As a team, we take pride in contributing to the town that supports our businesses.
The general purpose of the Laurel Chamber of Commerce is to advance the economic development of Laurel, Delaware, by promoting civic, industrial, commercial, agribusiness and social interests in the community. The strength of the chamber is its membership which creates a pool of resources – natural and human – from which can be drawn ideas, energy and finances.The Laurel Chamber of Commerce serves as a forum to articulate contemporary issues facing the business community and to act as a medium for the interest, problems and needs of its membership, which in turn, will build a better community which to live.
To promote sound business growth while serving as the primary information source for business, community, interested individuals and civic organizations, including the events and issues of the greater Laurel area.
To provide business leadership, primarily via a network and support system, for current members' businesses while attracting new business and members.
To enlist and partner with beneficial alliances.
To promote area businesses through chamber activities, create interest and spur growth, locally through tourism.
  • Networking with the business community
  • Monthly meetings with educational speakers
  • Free listing on our website and free link to your website
  • Mailed visitor relocation packets including your business literature
  • Maps and Chamber brochures to use in our business
  • Grand opening and open house assistance
  • Business referrals from the Chamber Office
  • Participation in business-enhancing community events
  • Monitoring of business-related political issues
Kevin Christophel - President
Gareth Deitzel - 1st Vice President
Niki Massey - Treasurer
Karin Hunt - Secretary
Fred Sponseller - Board Member
Tim Dukes - Board Member
Warren Reid - Board Member
Eva Dupont - Board Member
Sylwia Hitchens - Board Member
Dave Koehler - Board Member
Fred Baker - Board Member
Bob Wheatley - Board Member
Renee Morris - Board Member
Greg Johnson - Board Member
Suzanne Barger - Executive Coordinator
   Deborah Mitchell
   Matt Parker
   Brian Shannon
Business and Economic Development:
   Dave Koehler - Chairman
   Greg Johnson
   Melinda Tingle
   Mike Smith
   Bob Wheatley
   Don Dykes
   H. Don Phillips
   Matt Parker
Membership Committee:
   Fred Sponseller